The CronLet us for the time being stretched

This is a tool for automatic interpretation the meaning of Coulomb.
I do not know CronLet's clarify here !
Easy to use !CronJust copy and paste into the text box below !
Interpretation result is input automatically down as you enter.
Execution time Hour and minute
Run script src

And how to use this tool CronBasic grammar of

CronIf you can interpret, it could have been understands the meaning.
But I was still a little CronI 'll want to write Papatto yourself?
So Here's To summarize the main points insanely.
Minute Time Day Month Day of the week Script
Space Meaning of the delimiter, Toka minute, and break up Toka time in this delimiter
* The meaning of each
, Meaning of the list
For example, , 1,3,4When you put in place in minutes
1Minute ,3Minute ,4Minute
- Meaning from
For example, , 1-4When you put in place in minutes
1Minute ,3Minute ,4Minute
crontab Incidentally 1Toka per minute 5It is not if you want I combed specify every minute? I'm not able to this it's the normal way.
*/1 * * * * /SRC
Become something more like a top. */2If it was 2But every minute. Kana thorough and if you remember so far.