digIt is a tool that you run from the external host command.
Please enter the host. => Example ) example.com

DigDigDescription of Kimi

This tool from the external host DigIt is the tool you want to run. Please set to host that owns their own target host always.
It's easy to use. Enter the host of interest, DigI just press the Run button. Execution limit on the number of times of the day at this time 10Times are.
DigPossibility that people who do not know are watching this page is low, but Briefly Although it is the command that runs when you run this tool,
dig Target host (ex hogehoge.com) Next
I will query the name server that the target host is using. And domain name server IPIt is the thing to do an association of address. Name server does not penetrate if the correct result is not returned, It will be called or not associated with well.