Check the release status of the port

There is a port number typical in the list below.
Please enter the number directly or choose.
TCP/20 : FTP (Data )
TCP/21 : FTP (Control )
TCP/22 : SSH
TCP/23 : Telnet
UDP/53 : DNS
TCP/80 : HTTP ( )
TCP/110 : POP3
TCP/119 : NNTP
UDP/123 : NTP
UDP/137~138 : NetBIOS
TCP/139 : NetBIOS
TCP/143 : IMAP
TCP/445 : SMB
TCP/587 : Send mail

Port number
By default HTTPOf 80Turn
Select from the top and if another port or
Direct input
Their default PCOf IP
Direct input if another server
Server of others Dameyo
In the above conditions

For port release check -kun

I will do a check of the port release. Run restrictions on the 1st 20Up times.
However, Please do not absolutely server of others .
And my respect to the use of normal PCOr if at Online game, please use the public such as checking of my server. In addition, you can also discover a hole in the security by checking the port of their PC.